HostWired's network spans the United States. Your data receives the best routes to where it needs to go, every time, 24 hours a day. Our facilities are connected with ultra-fast connections via MPLS network. In addition to that, the data center where our servers reside utilize some of the most comprehensive peering arrangements anywhere to ensure your data gets the best possible routes to reach your customers, no matter where they are.
In addition, the data center utilizes the Internap FCP device in Atlanta, Georgia. This allows us to carefully route traffic above and beyond what is possible with BGP routing.
The data center we use is located at 34 Peachtree, Atlanta. The data center is equipped with state of the art UPS and generator power backup systems to protect your IT investments. In addition, the facility is staffed with 24x7x365 highly trained professionals.


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About Our Servers: Carrier-Grade Equipment

  • UPS: 320kVA ofbattery backup capacity.
  • Generator: 350kW of generator capacity.
  • Cooling: 90 Tons of AC Capacity.
  • Power Feed: 1200A 480V diverse power feed.
  • Double pre-action-dry-pipe Fire Suppression System.
  • Cogent POP located in facility.
  • 96 strand fiber to Abovenet.
  • Zayo operates a POP within 34.
  • Fully redundant, fault tolerant network gear.
  • Internap FCP to control and route traffic.
  • MPLS Network connectivity.





About Us

  • Symbol of Trust LLC.


    Established in 2005, HostWired, a "Symbol of Trust" Company, is specialized in Web Hosting. Symbol of Trust LLC is located at 380 Lafayette Road, Unit 11-125, Seabrook, NH 03874 USA.

    Toll Free: 1-855-ECO-HOST (1-855-326-4678)

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