Our VPS are hosted on our own managed VPS nodes in Germany, providing us full control and the best possible experience for our clients. Servers are minimal Intel Core i7-4770 with 32 GB RAM and 4 x 2TB Enterprise Class drives in HWRAID 10. The virtualization used is Xen, so you can rest assured that these servers are not oversold or overloaded. An absolute maximum of 15 accounts are hosted per node. Also, the Data Center is 100% Green using energy from renewable sources to power the servers. Our servers are functioning from 100% carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower. The energy generated by flowing water is, from an ecological viewpoint, considered to be the best form of power generation for the environment.  All our VPS plans include the following:

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  • Symbol of Trust LLC.


    Established in 2005, HostWired, a "Symbol of Trust" Company, is specialized in Web Hosting. Symbol of Trust LLC is located at 380 Lafayette Road, Unit 11-125, Seabrook, NH 03874 USA.

    Toll Free: 1-855-ECO-HOST (1-855-326-4678)

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